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  Type of ravioli Quantity
  Beef boxe(s)
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  Feta boxe(s)
  Lobster boxe(s)
Note: All of our handmade ravioli contain spinach. One box contains forty eight (48) ravioli. One box will feed two (2) to three (3) people as a main meal. As a side dish, a box will feed three (3) to four (4).

  Type of sauce Quantity (specify pint or quart)
  Marinara (Meatless)
Note: One (1) pint per box of ravioli and one (1) quart for every two (2) boxes of ravioli.

 Ravioli (per box)
  Beef $11.95
  Cheese $11.95
  Chicken $12.95
  Feta $11.95
  Lobster $24.99
  Note: Prices subject to change

 Meat or Marinara Sauce
  Pint $7.75
  Quart $13.99
  Note: Prices subject to change